I’m Bo, a UX Designer.

I've led product design, built institutional buy-in around design thinking, conducted user research, and facilitated at design sprints tackling immigration and sexual health.

I'm currently putting my skills to work at Catalyst Innovation Partners design agency.


UX Projects

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How can technology help increase millennial voter turnout and ultimately resist Trump's agenda?

Team: Founder, Engineer, Myself
Client: We the Future
Duration: 8+ months
Platform: Website and Digital Product
Role: Design Lead
Key activities: Comp/comp research, diagramming, sketching, lo-fi wireframing, hi-fi prototyping, branding

We the Future



How can Ubisoft create a navigation system that is modular, flexible and contextual across its entire web ecosystem with primary, secondary, and tertiary layers?

Team: Design Team of 2
Client: Ubisoft
Duration: 6+ months
Platform: Website
Role: Designer
Key activities: Stakeholder interviews, card sorts, tree tests, surveys, comp/comp research, navigation audits, sketching, lo-fi wireframing, prototyping, animation


How can we harness the power of story telling to influence the national narrative, persuade elected officials, and pass comprehensive immigration reform?

Team: Design Team of 3
Client: FWD.us
Duration: 6+ months
Platform: Web application
Role: Lead designer – ideation to prototype
Key activities: Stakeholder & user interviews, surveys, usability testing, lo-fi wireframing, hi-fi prototyping

Immigrants Write

How can technology help to strengthen the LGBT community in an era of simple dating apps and continued persecution?

Team: 3 developers and 1 product manager (located in Colombia), 1 designer
Client: TwoLinesStudios, Colombia
Duration: Ongoing
Platform: Android and iOS Mobile Application
Key activities: Sketching, lo-fi wireframing, hi-fi prototyping


How can a website serve as a central hub for a coalition of advocacy organizations fighting one of the biggest Supreme Court cases on immigration in decades?

Team: Design Team of 3 
Client: National immigration coalition & FWD.us
Duration: 2 months, ongoing
Platform: Responsive Website
Role: Supporting designer
Key activities: Stakeholder interviews, information architecture, physical asset production, website maintenance

Fight for Families

How can a fashion company leverage a "compare" feature to rise above the competition with the launch of their first iOS application?

Team: Solo
Duration: 3 days
Platform: iOS mobile application
Role: Lead designer
Key activities: Sketching, hi-fi prototyping, animation


How can the San Francisco Symphony attract and retain Millennials in order to maintain and grow its supporter base for years to come?

Team: Design Team of 3
Client: San Francisco Symphony (student project)
Duration: 2 weeks
Platform: Mobile App
Role: Research, analysis, synthesis, prototyping, testing



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What are Collaborators saying?

Bo is such a treat to work with. He is a great mixture of valuable traits in a designer: resourceful, proactive, flexible, insightful. He is easy to work with and collaborates very well with others, and can jump in on tasks at almost any point in the UX process from research to prototyping. I recommend him highly and without reservation - he would make a great addition to almost any design team.
— Danielle Malik | Design Lead, Catalyst Innovation Partners | Founder, Instructor
Bo is driven by the power of design to build equity, understanding, and action. He’s self-directed, passionate, intuitive, and a great listener.
— Josh Silverman | Design Operations, Twitter | Educator, Entrepreneur
It was a total pleasure managing Bo. He is unmatched in not only breaking down the importance of problems and perspectives, but also translating said importance in a meaningful way to different stakeholders. Unsurprisingly, Bo’s analytical processes paired with his ease in empathizing result in sharp and efficient products and designs. Any social impact organization would be lucky to have Bo on their team.
— Ria Carmin | Head of Product and Creative, FWD.us