The San Francisco Symphony recognizes that the majority of people who attend performances are from older generations. While these performances are currently well attended, the Symphony is concerned about ensuring that it continues to maintain relevancy in the community in years to come. They are concerned about attracting younger generations – and particularly Millennials – to its performances. Our solution is Symfonik.

Team: Design Team of 3
Client: San Francisco Symphony (student project)
Duration: 2 weeks
Platform: Mobile App
Role: Research, analysis, synthesis, prototyping, testing




 Empathy Map

Empathy Map

We started out our research by going straight to the source.

Methods: 40 participant survey, contextual inquiry at the Davies Symphony Hall, empathy map


  • millennials aren’t necessarily unequivocally opposed to going to the symphony
  • price and lack of friends who are interested in the same thing are big deterring factors



Translating user research into user personas and journeys, we were able to connect the dots and identify features.

Methods: user personas, concept model, affinity diagram, feature map, user journeys


  • many Millennials simply don’t find enough value in going to symphony
  • lack of social interaction and background education deter attendance
  • crux of our solution is a group-based application that provides group discounts, social engagement, and educational resources
 Affinity Mapping

Affinity Mapping

 Feature Analysis

Feature Analysis

 Rapid Screen Iteration

Rapid Screen Iteration

1/3 User Journey

2/3 User Journey

 3/3 User Journey



 User Testing

User Testing

We developed a paper prototype, conducted preliminary user testing, went back to the drawing board to develop a clickable prototype and conducted user testing once again.

Methods: comparative analysis, paper prototyping, user testing


  • users were confused about the checkout process and how the discount worked
  • users were enthusiastic about the social component of the app
 New User Journey with Symfonik

New User Journey with Symfonik



We designed a comprehensive, clickable lo-fidelity prototype and packaged up our work into a presentation.

Methods: lo-fidelity prototype



Our solution is a group-based app, named Symfonik, where likely communities can form, plan symphony outings at a discount, and learn along the way.

We believe Symfonik provides a great solution by adding social and educational value to Millennials’ symphony experience which will lead to higher attraction and retainment.


Lessons Learned

This was a project where our main features of the app – social and educational components – simply would not have realized without surveys and contextual inquiry. Yet another reason why human-centered research is extremely useful. Additionally, this was a student project and we weren’t able to work with developers, but luckily I had that experience with WiKu.